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About our Organic status:

We are certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. All of the grains, fruit and sweeteners that we use in our granola are certified organic.

About our Non GMO status:

We only source organic ingredients, therefore, we never ever use ingredients that have been genetically modified.

About our gluten free status:

We source only certified gluten free oats.

Our Kitchen is exclusively gluten free. Our granola is tested for the presence of gluten. We use the Elisa ez gluten test which tests to 10ppm. This is below the 20ppm required by the FDA.

About our Vegan status:

All of our loose granola is vegan.

Two of our bark flavors contain butter in the garnish and are not vegan: Coconut Toffee Granola Bark and the Coffee Bean Granola Bark.

About our Chocolate:

We chose to work with Van Leer based on the fact that they are a great American chocolate company. We use their 60% Dark Chocolate. Their chocolate is soy free, but we have a may contain soy warning on our products to let you know the chocolate is processed in a facility that also processes soy. The chocolate we use is not made with milk. The facility that produces the chocolate does process products that contain milk. A third party analysis of our products have shown milk levels lower that 5 ppm.

About our Coconut Oil:

Our coconut oil is unrefined, expeller pressed, virgin coconut oil. It retains a gentle flavor of coconut. Our coconut oil is sourced from the Philippines.

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