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For 6 years, as a private chef, I watched and learned everything I could about what, when and how people ate at home.  Before that time, I learned everything I could about the world of food. I studied different cuisines, techniques and tried to master perfecting authentic flavor combinations. Growing up in an expat family, my parents moved to a different country every few years and I tagged along when I was not in school in The States. I called a lot of places home and learned a lot about what, when and how people ate around the world.

I am absolutely in love with food. I love the role it plays in life, family and culture. The experience and adoration of food was the one common thread that tied my nomadic upbringing together. Stability began to set in when I attended the Culinary Institute of America where I continued the quest to learn as much as I could about different cuisines, flavors and cooking.

This history and background to our humble little granola company has helped us produce a well-balanced, thoughtfully composed granola. Experience tells me Small Batch granola will fit in well at your breakfast table or added to your snack routine, no matter where you live.

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