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I made my first granola sale at a small farm stand I opened in an old sugar shack in Peru, Vermont. As my business grew into a café and later included a general store, the granola sales continued. After selling the general store, we decided to focus on producing granola at the request of our dedicated customers and community who wanted their steady supply of favorites to continue. We have just finished building our organic certified and gluten free kitchen. We have teamed up with some great small farms and artisan food producers to bring the best, freshest granola to your home table.


For 6 years, as a private chef, I watched and learned everything I could about what, when, and how people ate at home. Before that time, I learned everything I could about the world of food. I studied different cuisines, techniques, and tried to master perfecting authentic flavor combinations. Growing up in an expat family, my parents moved to a different country every few years and I tagged along when I was not in school in The States. I called a lot of places home and learned a lot about what, when, and how people ate around the world.

  I am absolutely in love with food. I love the role it plays in life, family, and culture. The experience and adoration of food was the one common thread that tied my nomadic upbringing together. Stability began to set in when I attended the Culinary Institute of America where I continued the quest to learn as much as I could about different cuisines, flavors, and cooking.   The history and background to our humble little granola company has helped us produce a well-balanced, thoughtfully composed granola. Experience tells me Small Batch granola will fit in well at your breakfast table or add to your snack routine, no matter where you live.

Cherry Vanilla Bean <h3><span style= Six 2oz Travel Packs">
Cherry Granola Bark <h3><span style= Six 2oz Travel Packs">
Coffee Bean Bark <h3><span style= Six 2oz Travel Packs">
Cranberry Maple Crunch Bark
Cherry Granola Bark <h3><span style= Six 2oz Travel Packs">

We work with our partners to bring you the finest granola

Vanilla Bean courtesy of

Wilderness Poets strive to inspire mindfulness and good health through energizing, life giving foods. They believe that sharing delicious, wholesome foods, grown on small organic family farms, can help heal people, their communities, and planet.

Wilderness Poets

Almonds courtesy of

Burroughs Family Farms is a family effort of Burroughs siblings working together to offer hand raised and sustainably grown products. They produce grass-based meats and eggs, organic olive oil, raw organic almonds and gouda style cheese made with organic “Grass to Gold” milk.

Burroughs Family Farm

Coffee Beans courtesy of

We use their coffee that is organic and fair trade, sourced from COSMA cooperative in Honduras

Mocha Joe's

Maple Chips courtesy of

Nestled within the foothills of the Vermont Green Mountains, Mount Mansfield Maple Products has been producing the finest Pure Vermont Maple Syrup for generations. Our family run maple sugaring business is committed to exceeding your expectations with fair farm direct maple prices, premium quality maple and exceptional customer service.

Mount Mansfield Maple

Vermont Maple Syrup courtesy of

Beebe Family Sugarbush is a Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC with areas of focus in Organic Food

Beebe Family Sugarbush
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